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“No problems even if there are multiple destinations. The weather around the area is also obvious.”

“即使有多个目的地也没有问题。 该地区的天气也很明显。”


For example, are there two tourist destinations of Fushimi Inari in Kyoto and Todaiji in Nara?



Senbon torii of Fushimi Inari in kyoto

Let’s look for Kyoto, if you find it, Nara is nearby. So You can check the weather of the area passing through while traveling.

让我们来看看京都,如果你找到,奈良就在附近。 所以你可以检查旅行过程中经过的地区的天气。


Surrounding area forecast screen of WeatherJapan app

You can search it on the map or look up the place name of the destination.



The Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple in Nara

If you want to search by place name, let's switch screen to area list display.



Area list view of WeatherJapan app

Detailed Forecast Screen / 详尽的天气预报屏幕 / 詳細予報画面

  • Hourly weather forecasts for up to 48 hours in the future (weather conditions, temperature).

  • Easy to understand visual temperature graph.

  • Display for sunrise/sunset times.

  • Daily forecasts for up to one week in the future (weather conditions, temperature).

  • Display of weather information for the user's current location or a nearby location chosen from the Surrounding Area Forecast screen.

  • 未来 48 小时内的逐时天气预报(天气条件、温度)

  • 易于理解的直观温度曲线图

  • 显示日出/日落时间

  • 未来一个星期内的逐日天气预报(天气条件、温度)

  • 显示用户当前位置的天气信息或从周边地区天气预报屏幕中选择的附近位置天气信息

  • 48時間先までの1時間単位の予報(天気、気温)

  • 視覚的に分かりやすい気温グラフ

  • 日出・日没の時刻表示

  • 1週間先までの1日単位の予報(天気、気温)

  • 現在地、あるいは近隣予報画面で選択した地域の予報を表示

Detailed forecast screen on iPhone

Surrounding Area Forecast Screen / 周边地区天气预报屏幕 / 近隣予報画面

  • Display of weather information for surrounding areas on the map (weather conditions, temperature).

  • Users can also search for a location by name from the area list.

  • By selecting a location, users can view the forecast information for that area.

  • 显示地图上周边地区的天气信息(天气条件、温度)

  • 用户还可以从地区列表中按名字搜索某个位置

  • 选择一个位置后,用户可以查看该地区的天气预报信息

  • 地図上で周辺地域の予報を表示(天気、気温)

  • 地域一覧からの地域名検索も可能

  • 地域を選択すると詳細予報画面を表示

Surrounding area forecast screen on android device

Additional Information / 其他信息 / その他

  • Supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit. This can be changed within the app options as well.

  • Supports iPad Multitasking.

  • 支持摄氏度和华氏度。也可以在 app 选项中进行更改

  • 支持 iPad 的多重任务处理功能

  • 摂氏・華氏両方に対応。アプリ内での切り替えも可能

  • iPadマルチタスクに対応